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The adventure begins

After days of travel you find yourself arriving at the island of Chimara.In the hope that you will find riches and powerful items, you have found employment here by stetting yourselves up as powerful adventures. even without much experience you are certain that you can provale this island until recently was inaccessible by anyone. the overwhelming force of the drow on the island added with the unpredictable effects that magic can have on the island led it to be uninhabited for many years. recently a single town has risen on the shore and business has started to boon. the major export of the island magical items. surprisingly these items are not created but found. many years ago a mighty war was fought between two waring fractions of spell-casters on the island and to help facilitate the war efforts magical items where being massed produced by both side. In the process a taint began to spread over the island and the war was all but forgot and all efforts where put into making magical items. individuals on both sides began to grow jealous and horde crafted items. people soon became insane as the taint in the island spread. to keep this taint from spreading the druids from the shadow heaven forest where compelled into action. they purified the island but at a cost. the spell backfired and the druids where not seen again, and the once lush forest was reduced to a swampland and allowed the drow to surface and take control of the island. recently the drow has receded and even the forest has began to show signs of reapering. you have been hired to find magical items left by those long ago.


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